Causes For Blood In Stool


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causes for blood in stool

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my nashua

my nashua
first, nash has been having brown stools since saturday. this has happened before where he had a few days of brown stools, and then it was back to black, so i am not holding my breath.

last night we went back to the vet for a blood draw and to talk to my vet and see what he thought about this whole thing.
i guess i am just not going to see this diagnosis clearly. my vet also thinks the low platelets are due to bleeding. i don’t, but i guess it is time i started to believe them. they are vets, i am not. he believes this is a gastrinoma and that the bleeding is due to ulcers. i don’t, but i am not a vet. he didn’t think exploratory surgery was a bad option. i don’t agree with this either, so we aren’t going there.

we took a blood draw to see if the platelets are up or down and i asked them to do a count of erythrocytes. erythrocytes are immature red blood cells. it was brought to my attention that if he is bleeding, and his rbcs are high normal, which they are, a large majority should be immature cells. i still think the low platelets are due to all the medications but neither of my vets do…

so what do i think? i think he has a gastrinoma but i think we found it by chance. i think it is in the very early stages and i don’t think his gastrin level is high enough to cause bleeding ulcers. i think he may be bleeding a little due to inflamation/ibd, but not enough for his platelets to crash like they have. i think the low platelets are due to medication or it is immune related. i think there are a few things going on. i think the first diagnosis of ibd, gastritis is correct and that is what we are dealing with right now.
one thing i forgot to mention is nash threw up one time 2 weeks ago and there was no blood in it. this tells me there are not any "bleeding" ulcers in the stomach.
so i have him on the misoprostol which is to prevent new ulcers from forming, and he is on the omeprazole(prilosec) but i am giving it every other day instead of daily right now. i took him off the sucralfate, and the metronidazole for now to see how things go.

will update you again after i call for the blood results later today.

Doctor Visit

Doctor Visit
Montie has blood in her stool and although shes been acting fine im freaking out about it so i took her in to get a checkup. She wa so cute walking around the office and when the doctor came in she was looking at empty bag on the table for the cat when Dexie touched her hand with her nose and the docter jumped up in surprise at the critter on her desk counter. Did some shopping with mom, and i was in just an aweful mood cause i was so tired.